024 Mission Element - Love

024 Mission Elements - Love

Yes, I believe that God is Love. "Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself" (Kahlil Gibran). I believe our Loving Father has no other desire for each of His creations than our fulfillment as He Wills, as He Loves. My days are devoted to acting as if I am the intended individual lover, loving and serving others. Our Father created us in a way that we have to share with one another, that is Love an important element of my mission. To say our Father is always the Solution to every question and problem is to say love is always the solution. I have come to this point in life, my heart’s desire is; how can Thy Will, Thy Love be done Father 24/7? My plan of action, my food plan for practicing my heart’s desire is to loving nourish myself Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. In other words I am to practicing A.A.’s principles in all my affairs. As I fall short of my heart’s desire, falling in an old ditch I quickly get out of it, dust myself off and return to love. We are told the pure in heart will see God. I have no illusions that I will become pure in heart but my intensions to lovingly serve allows me to see our Father’s Loving Will with the eyes of faith. Come let us love one another.


1. What are your fears of love?

2. Do you believe God is love?

3. Do you believe you are love even as you Creator?

Random Awakening

Remember He has given His angels charge over us in all our ways. We never know when they will make their presence consciously known, so “Hold on”.