401 Day 01 of a 40-Day Practice


First I want to write a Mission Statement as simple and clear as I can. I am devoted, dedicated, committed to experiencing Your Presence, Father consciously, consistently within me and everywhere present. I want to know, to realize, to live for Your Will for me, empowered by Your loving grace. My mission in now clear, I need, I want to share all I am given with whomever You Will, Father. I look to You as my only Source to provide me with everyone and everything it takes to carry out the Mission You gave me. Thank You.


I realize the only time I can practice my mission is now. This now can turn into an eternal vigilance and this is the price I am willing to pay to realize my mission. I intuitively know for the Infinite to flow freely into the finite it must take place in this eternal now. Even if I had the best experience a moment ago, and I try to crystallize it, save it, repeat it, as it was I block the infinite flow.

The past grace has transformed into a present asset can be useful here and now. A transformed past into an asset is in now’s service not as a morbid past dwelled on. I can learn from the past now, but not relive it. It is useful to dream of the future if it pulls me toward my Mission in this present moment but not projected into the "future" which is not. It is useful to dream of the future here and now to help understand my Mission goal or my Heart’s Desire better. It is wise for me to add, "If it is Your Will, Father."


Have you written your Mission Statement? If you need to rewrite it and then again until your heart, mind and soul agree, just do it. I have rewritten my Mission Statement so many times I cannot remember just what it looked like at first.

Living my mission here and now is living my heart's desire and I am following my bliss. Are you living your dream, heart's desire and following your bliss?