419 Day 19 of a 40-Day Practice



MY MISSION STATEMENT - I am devoted, dedicated, committed to experiencing Your Presence, Father consciously, consistently within me and everywhere present. I want to know, to realize, to live for Your Will for me, empowered by Your loving grace. My mission in now clear, I need, I want to share all I am given with whomever You Will, Father. I look to You as my only Source to provide me with everyone and everything it takes to carry out the Mission You gave me. Thank You.


It is hard for me to believe the social change that I have experienced since I came into this Program. Early in the Program I believed, if no one would not try to lock me up I would be OK. If no one would try to talk to me I could get along. Before I knew it, I could not wait to get with my home group. Not only was it OK to be around other people, I wanted to take part in A.A. even 12 Step work. I had not realized until then how hungry I was to share my life with other humans or how lonely I was. Now I spend from eight to twelve hours a day sharing our Program. I am so grateful that I have something of value, I can share; my life now does make a good difference.

For more than fifty-one years I have been in the position to have the way, the place and the means to share our Program. I sold my business in 1981, I kept an office where I share our Program, and I am well provided for. I have been writing workbooks, workshop papers and doing workshops, retreats and study groups for more than twenty-five years. I hold meetings in my office, and I share with others one-on-one. This website has served as a useful way to share for the last ten years. I realize the One Source of all of this I am so very grateful.

All the above are miracles, everyday miracles. I received the grace to share with so many that have a willingness to continue to grow. If I gave you the impression that these miracles come by any other than our Father's grace, I mislead you. I question my social skills and my ability to communicate our message. I do not question our Father's guidance, love and tender mercy. I accept with joy the willingness of others to freely share, what they received. There are so many who do not have a Program in which they can share their love with others, we do, we could share our love 24/7 if we were of mind to.


Were you always a people person or did you become one after joining the Program?

When did you get active doing service work or have you?