420 Day 20 of a 40-Day Practice


MY MISSION STATEMENT - I am devoted, dedicated, committed to experiencing Your Presence, Father consciously, consistently within me and everywhere present. I want to know, to realize, to live for Your Will for me, empowered by Your loving grace. My mission in now clear, I need, I want to share all I am given with whomever You Will, Father. I look to You as my only Source to provide me with everyone and everything it takes to carry out the Mission You gave me. Thank You.


I have come to realize or awaken to the reality that I have characteristics or elements that contribute to my mission in a most fulfilling way. My mission is my given way to carry out what I believe is our/my Father's Will for me. I believe that I must continue to pass on freely the gifts and talents I am given freely. I also believe if these gifts and talents are to continue to grow and expand, I must pass them on as a way of life, as part of my mission pathway. Today I want to focus on healing, because I have experienced the grace of healing in every area in my life, since I joined this A.A. way of life. I believe that each of us who have applied this Program the best we can and any given time has indeed experienced healing at some level. By passing on whatever healing we have experienced, we become Healed Healers Healing.

A healer is one who assists in healing. Every time we share our recovery Program with someone we are assisting in healing, that makes us healers. A faith healer cures by faith rather than with medicine and treatments. It isn’t the belief, faith that heals but it opens one up to the healer within. In other words the belief, faith is realizing the Divine Design can be reset. The healer calls on that Divine Design to reset its self, more as a witness than a doer. I have experienced healing through an abiding faith in the grace of these Spiritual Principles. Yes, I have an abiding faith that the Program works; the fact is I now know that it does.

(From my dictionary) Heal = to restore to health or soundness, cure. I am reminded of our Second Step; Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. . Living sober and following these Spiritual Principles opened me up and restored, healed me at a level I could not have dream; Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social. I give credit to our/my Father working through the healing powers of our fellowship and our Program, through the help of Healed Healers Healing. For this I am truly grateful.


Do you count yourself to be one of the Healed Healers Healing?

In what ways have you received healing and how have you passed it on?