400 Prep Day For A 40-Day Practice


When Al’s sponsor asked him to join him in this important project he was happy for the opportunity. He realized the changes that could take place working this project are long-term changes, not a quick fix. In effect, Lou-is said; we will rewrite and rewire our personal "reality" and its supporting system. He continued; I suggest that we focus this 40-day project on something you, and I have already agreed on. Al asked, which agreement was that? Lou-is: To experience the Presence of our Higher Power and to know, to realize and to live His Will. I believe that our heart's desire, our intended mission and our Father's Will are one.

Lou-is suggested the following plan of action; Let’s take today as our prep-day to give our full attention to this project, inviting our Higher Power to guide us. We agreed some time ago to find ways that we could practice His Omnipresence. That includes, awaken to It and learning to know His Will everywhere present. That is another way to find our supreme good, experiencing His Will in a multitude of ordinary virtues. Living what we believe to be our individual created self, doing the best we can here and now brings us face-to-face with our greatest good.

Lou-is: I suggest that we not tell anyone about our commitment until we finish it. When the going gets tough, we don't want other people to remind us of our falling short. This could drain our much need Spiritual energy. I can promise astonishing results if we change our personal "reality" and keep it changed for 40-days.

Plan of action: First, write at the top of a page your Mission Statement or your Heart’s Desire. Next, draw a line down the center of the page, on one side write "What contributed to" and on the other side write "What was contrary to". Daily write your experience for that day, what contributed to and what was contrary to your Heart’s Desire. You will soon see the patterns of your Heart’s Desire unfolding. Once you are able to identify your personal "reality" and own it you can present it to the Boss for Him to change, heal or transformed. My experience tells me He will do for me what I cannot do for me, alone and unaided.


What is your Heart’s Desire? (If you need help with identifying your Heart’s Desire or writing a Mission Statement go to the Workshop; Finding and Claiming Your Heart’s Desire).

Are you willing to feast on your Heart’s Desire and fast from what is not for 40 days?