103 Al Kohallek Goes A Sponsoring



Al, how about you, and I doing a workshop or retreat on Sponsoring? I would love to do one with you, and I bet Program people would find it interesting. However, before any more questions about sponsorship, and before you decide on a Sponsorship Workshop or Retreat, I would suggest you read (study) a great Pamphlet Published by GSO IN 1976 – Questions and Answers on Sponsorship. I did a workshop using this pamphlet years ago and was useful and fun.

I would suggest that you ask yourself what you want to give and receive from sponsorship?

The following are a few thoughts on what I wanted from a sponsor and to pass it on:

Sponsorship is both Receiving and Giving and giving and receiving – I found we couldn't do one without the other.

*Helping one comes to their own understanding of our Program, of this way of life.

*Someone we can trust.

*Someone to give us useful tools.

*Someone who does not judge us.

*Someone who could see the good in me before I could.

*One who is wise and understanding.

*One who has worked the Program in their own life to the point of success.

*One who is walking their talk.

*One who has awakened.

*One living a sober life, Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social not just dry.


Would you like to have a workshop or retreat on sponsorship?

Would you be willing after going through the pamphlet to set up a format?

For a copy of Questions and Answers on Sponsorship Pamphlet (GSO 1976 contact your local AA)