188 Wasp Wisdom

188 Wasp Wisdom

Many years ago I was at my computer when a wasp landed on my computer. Every once in a while a wasp would get trapped in my office. A trapped wasp would land on the glass window as a way to freedom. Like the wasp I experience an illusionary way out of my entrapment and hit a glass wall. I made a decision early in A.A. that I would not kill anything I was not going it eat, I don’t eat wasp. When a wasp would land on the glass I would take a cup and place over the wasp, closing it in with a piece of paper. I would take it outside and let go free. At some level I felt I made an amends. On the other end of my office which was about 40 feet was a closet; I keep my supply of cups. I walked backward toward the closet so I could see where the wasp would next land. I was holding the cup when I saw the wasp take off, coming toward me. The wasp flew into that cup. I felt a rush of love and gratitude, even now as I write about the event. I felt a harmony with all of nature, with the universe and most important a loving union with our Father. I felt a moment of healing, forgiveness deeper than words. This time when I took the wasp outside to freedom, I felt blessed by this little guy sharing its freedom with me. It was almost 11 A.M., time to go to my A.A. meeting. I knew the topic was going to be; wasp flying into a cup. I was waiting for the right time to share this experience; it was hard to restrain myself. There was a person taking someone inventory, in a very negative way. I spoke up, we do not take other peoples inventory, and we take our own. Of course I was taking his. I could not believe only a few minutes before I was in harmony with all of our Father’s creators and then that anger popped up. Yes, I will always have ongoing upgrades. Come let us love, offering freedom to one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. How have you reacted to the miracles in your life?

2. How do you react to change or upgrades?