008 Building Equivalents


We cannot change Reality but we can and do awaken to that Reality by living our A.A. Program the best we can here and now. What we can change is our personal "reality", which we have made up or have gone with throughout our life. This personal "reality" filters or governs perception and therefore the way we experience our human condition. If we change our personal "reality", belief, habits of thoughts and feelings, filter our experience of life changes. Our perception shapes our beliefs, our beliefs control our reaction to our perception, and if we rewrite our beliefs in effect, we rewrite our perception, which changes our experience. Rewrite our perception and we rewrite our genes and our behavior, our personal "reality" and our reaction to Reality.

To be able to practice our new personal "reality" in all our affairs we must build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalents of new awakenings, or we will go back to sleep. The way we build these equivalents is by living them moment – by - moment. Our A.A. Program does that.


Have you ever had an awakening, and because you did not build the equivalents of it you went back to sleep?

Would you be willing to try the following? Take one important area in you life and practice building the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalents of that area.