048 Nine Elements Of Love – Fifth Courtesy


For 40 days I used this affirmation – I express Courtesy, the love in little ways, thoughtful things. With a gentle heart filled with Your loving grace, Father. I am expressing love at all levels, with all beings, in a conscious union with Your Will, Father even here and now. I look for Your Presence within each of Your Creations.

This fifth element of love is a little strange to find listed as part of the greatest thing or good, but there you go. Today the style of humor is to put one and other down, to make fun of people, places and things, which is far from being courteous. In fact it is often unkind, thoughtless and unloving. I now see how important it is for me to practice this everyday expression of love, courtesy here and now. Politeness, respectfulness or courtesy is love in trifles.

To "practice these principles" in all my affairs, I must go to the core principle of our Program, love for our Higher Power is love. I choose to return to love, extend this love in all great and small the best I can. I believe the lack of courtesy, of love-less-ness has no place in our way of life. In our Program I have experienced a special gentleness, caring, empathy that I can translate as love in the everyday stuff in the best and worse of times. I am reminded if I want more love plant more love seeds.


How do you express this Element Of Love – Courtesy?

Would you be willing to practice courtesy in every area for 40 days?