011 Disempowering Habits


It takes as much or more skill disempowering an old habit as it does to build a new useful one. Our Twelve Step Program, Alcoholics Anonymous is a way by which we can replace an old habit with a new one. Although it is simple, it will not be easy. Anything we repeat long enough and often enough will become a habit, and we will get good at it. The physical brain does utilize millions and sometimes billions of brain cells for each habit. In fact most of the habits we choose to change have a mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual side. We must address, in one-way or another all areas of the human condition if a habit is disempowered or empowered. In other words, old habits become our personal "reality". This personal "reality" is the way we each experience our world.

We need to take back the power we have given this old habit and empower our new one. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to practice this it will work. Do not begin this until you have counted the cost. The cost will be a consistent focusing on empowering the new habit and disempowering the old habit every time it comes into your consciousness. This does imply a real commitment to practice for a set period. Half measures avail us nothing. Anything less than a total commitment gives us the illusion we tried and this process failed.

The Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is great solution to most of the problems we may experience in this human condition. This is a healing solution not limited to our primary addition or alcoholism. Each time we apply this process to an area we are learning to PRACTICE THESE PRINCIPLES IN ALL OUR AFFAIRS. In this case the affairs of the old habit you want changed and the new habit you want to build.

This process may be useful for any habit; mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. While this is a fact, we would hope that we end with our Higher Power as the solution and Spiritual Principles as our goal. Yes it is of the highest importance to be free from an old harmful habit, however we want to spend our time, interest and energy on the Solution as much as possible. Which is to empower, to give life to our new habit. The old habit will come up without our encouragement. Don't forget the old habit is now an unwelcome guest, so let’s not consciously invite it up.


Can you list the good habits you want to increase?

Can you list the bad habits you want to replace or decrease?