105 Easy Does It But Do It



I am so grateful I found a way of life, I was willing to commit to out of an awakening enlightened self-interest, better known as grace. It surprised me that I wanted to take part in this fellowship right off the bat, because I had never been a "joiner". I found myself drawn to an AA group of workers who love the Program. They proved their love by doing everything they could to pass it on to others. From the first day, these AA workers took me in, they made me feel like I was part of something important, carrying the AA message.

I was attracted to those who had awakened to a Spiritual path as the result of living the AA Program and continued to walk their talk. It was a blessing that I was able to join their walk. They were honest and straightforward in their sharing with everyone. They assured me I could receive what they had, if I was willing to commit to and follow a few simple suggestions day by day. Yes I was willing; as a matter of fact I caught on fire. The group told me that I had a long way to go, but they were willing to join me every step of the way. I quickly became an "AA crusader, reformer and evangelist" and I soon wore people out. I was carrying more of the dis-ease than the message. In those days they called people like me a Two-Stepper, that is I practiced the First Step and the second part of Step Twelve,"…to carry this message to the alcoholic who still suffered."

An old-timer asked me to join him for a milk shake ("I could be in trouble" signal). That's when I realized I must have been doing something wrong. He was kind to me, telling me that he knew that my intentions were good but far too extreme. His sponsor had to help him understand the "Easy Does It But Do It" idea and he was passing it on to me. What a Program, he gave me some loving wisdom and understanding instead of punishment or guilt.


I realized that extreme highs and lows are commonplace for most alcoholics. What are some of your high or low experiences?

What did you do when you found yourself on fire?