054 Everyday Miracles



It was a dark night one day at my office, in other words what could go wrong did. The not well part of me had showed up and I was acting like an untreated alcoholic. It would be safe to say this day left a lot to be desired. First came the fear, and then anger and then an old resentment popped up. Wouldn’t you know a problem person showed up; it was clear that we were in for another useless exchange. I had been around A.A. long enough to know I need to get out of myself and go to a meeting or call someone.

I chose to go to a meeting. I could hardly wait until I could share what was going on with me in a way that sounded like I was seeking an A.A. solution. The truth of the matter I just want to vent my dis-ease. Perhaps find someone to enable me to justify my resentment, our number one killed of sobriety.

An everyday (an everyday A.A. way) miracle happens to get me out of myself. There was a member that was sharing his gratitude for the Program. He said that he had to turn himself into the police, so he could begin to serve three years in prison for some of the same stuff I had done but never had to pay the price. I had received tender mercy and not justice.

I did not share my little problem after he shared. Filled with compassion and sadness for him and gratitude for my freedom I remained silent receiving yet another everyday miracle. As I drove back to my office, I felt a sense of joy, happiness, freedom and gratefulness for such a healing place. However I went away with untreated illnesses that cause me to go to that meeting. I will share some insights in another Awakening about our program as a loving useful First Aid Station and a long-term healing.


What are some of your everyday miracles?

Would you be willing to keep an on going list of your everyday miracles for 40 days?