050 Nine Elements Of Love – Good Temper and a Good Sense of Humor




For 40 days I used this affirmation – I envy no other, as I have no competition with any other because You, Father created each of us, me as an individual with a special meaning and purpose. I choose not to make a capital crime out of any faults, another or mine. I am quick seeking correction not punishment. Better yet I am choosing to be nonjudgmental of the "sins" of the physical world and the "sins" of the disposition, therefore no need to forgive.

Next to the last time, my dad fired me, he told me that I would have to work for myself or by myself because I just could not get along with anyone. That was so true. That began to change, as I got busy working our Program. The Steps aided me to realize and accept my habits of thoughts and feelings, in other words my personal "reality". I could then see that I had never had a loving relationship for long with anyone, at any level and that was now changing.

Once I discovered how to use our Twelve Tradition in a number of areas such as; A.A., family, friends and business each of these changed for the better. Applying these Traditions caused a major shift in every relationship. For this I am grateful because I wanted to have loving, productive relationships but did not have a clue how. Now I do, that is to "practice these principles in all my affairs."

Once we can laugh at ourselves, and clear away some of the wreckage of our past we may indeed experience joy, happiness and freedom in a degree never dreamed of.


How do you express these Elements Of Love – Good Temper and a Good Sense of Humor?

Would you be willing to practice Good Temper and a Good Sense of Humor for 40 days?