056 Guidance System


We can take a lesson form a cross-country commercial aircraft. With its guidance system, the aircraft is only in a direct line with its destination about ten percent (10%) of the time. About ninety percent (90%) of the time it is too high, or too low, too far to the right, or too far to the left. Its guidance system automatically corrects its path. We have an invisible means of support, which is continuously giving us messages about when we are on course and when we are off. Our messengers (Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social) present us with the current path information. We may choose to respond to the message and turn it over to our Higher Power for an increase if it is moving us toward our Gifts or for a correction if it is moving us away from our Gifts. We may choose to deny the message and let it take its own course. We designed our Workbooks, Workshops and Awakenings to aid you to update your guidance system.

We first found that our emotions are a natural Spiritual motivator. When we experience warmth, love, excitement or any other positive feelings, we are expansive, moving toward someone or something. This tells, shows us that we are on the right path. We are at that moment in harmony, in concert with the Three Spiritual Gifts:

Awakening to our Higher Power,

Sharing all the love we are,

Being the created individual we are.

Experiencing these Three Spiritual Gifts the best we can consciously motivate us to do whatever it takes to be what and who we are. Attracting all we need to carry out our Father's Will.

As a motivator the negative emotions are equally important to us. When we experience fear, anger, pain or any negative feeling, it closes us off, move away from someone or something or attacks them. These are warning signals that are in conflict with our Three Spiritual Gifts; we are off our path. Now we realize our other major motivators: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Social. All five are powerful motivators when we learn to "listen" to them. We would like you to make a set of Motivational Charts. You can add these to your Step Ten "When I Am Most Likely" list (Go to download free Workbooks and Workshops, save and print in part or by chapter) or do a stand-alone for some time. You may choose to do the workshop, titled – Three Spiritual Gift in 5 Pathways.


Are you developing an inner Guidance System?

Would you be willing to work up a Motivational Chart for 40 days?