051 Nine Elements Of Love – Innocence



For 40 days I used this affirmation – I realize the innocence in others and me, which is our Higher Self – our created Self. I encourage all to chip away all which is not our Higher Self. I co-create an atmosphere of love, peace, harmony and conscious union with our Father, wherever I am and whomever I am with. Our innocence is beyond the human condition to understand; Even so, it is ever present in our Higher Power's Presence.

When I reached the doorsteps of A.A., I could not have imagined that I would be sharing something on innocence. Where I was coming from I felt a sense of worldliness or street knowledge that I had lost my innocence long before I got here. I had feelings of guilt because I was guilty, yet there was something within me that knew that I was more loving and valuable than I could prove. After my mind cleared a bit I realize that I was naive about what life was about. I just did not know how to live in this world I found myself in.

I looked at every relationship, I could remember being part of and it was clear that each one had something in common, the beginning and ending. It was simply this; if I believed that you believed in me it was the beginning of a relationship. When I no longer believed that you believed in me it was the beginning of the end. This way of relating to others based on my little personal "reality" not my Higher Self grossly limited my sharing the love I am.

I could open to the presence of innocence with only a few, when I felt like I could trust them. I began to look for the good in others, that real innocence within each one, that Spirit or soul, that individual created Self, which we cannot corrupt. I began to respect others for that Higher Self, that special innocence with us all. As I respected others for what they were becoming, I could respect myself for what I was, am becoming.


How do you express this Element Of Love – Innocence?

Would you be willing to practice this innocence for 40 days?