104 It’s Transformation Time


Lou-is, was sharing with Al his first awakening to the Spiritual Transformation experience and how it changed his life. About 50 years ago I was seeking guidance, perhaps a deeper Spiritual understanding or better yet a Spiritual experience or awakening. I knew in my heart, there must be great wisdom in the Bible. A great many had written or told of what they believed it said or how it had inspired them.

Someone suggested that I pick up a Bible, ask for guidance and then open it at random. I did that and what happen changed my life. I opened it at the 21st Chapter of Luke. By our Father's grace, I intuitively knew what it meant. It was clearly the experience I had gone through even before I came into AA, plus my experience in my first year and a half in the Program. I did not have the words to express what later I come to understand as the "Dark Night of the Soul". This was an important part of a Spiritual Transformation. (See the workshop Spiritual Transformation in this website)

Early this morning I did what I have done each morning for many years as part of my morning prep-work, I opened the Bible at random. It opened at the 21st Chapter of Luke. As I read Chapter 21:1 through 21:4, I realized that I was in the early stages of a new cycle of Spiritual Transformation. Even though I had been sharing everyday with others in the Program, I was like the rich man who's gifts came out of their plenty and did not compare with the poor widow's gifts. I knew that I needed and wanted the same depth of dedication and devotion as that poor widow, giving all of myself holding nothing back. "… But she of her penury had cast in all the living, she had." Her commitment was a great First Step so here I am at the First Step of a Spiritual Transformation, again.

I will not go into detail here, however if you want to review the Spiritual Transformation turn to the Workshop on this subject in website. 12stepworkshop.org


What do you do when you find yourself in that Dark Night of the Soul when everything stops working?