045 Nine Elements Of Love – Second Kindness


For 40 days I used this affirmation – I am Kind; my love is active. I enjoy merely doing kind things. Any kindness that I can share with anyone let me do it now in a wise and loving way. I will not defer it nor neglect it, for I will not pass this way again.

It is indispensable to me that I share all that I can in a way which is loving, wise and useful. Yet I fall far short of that consciously and consistently. I have an enlighten self-interest to be as kind as I can be. I have learned that it is better to give than to receive, because if I receive from another it may or in fact may not be all that great. However if I share what I want, like loving-kindness, then I am likely to believe that others will do the same for me. The same principle holds true about what I withhold, I believe that others will knowingly withhold from me.

I am building an active habit in being as kind as I can be here and now. Knowing that kindness is an act of love and that love is a big part of my heart's desire, I am willing to offer kindness openly or silently.


How do you express this Element Of Love – Kindness?

Would you be willing to practice kindness in every area of you life for the next 40 days?