055 Long-timers At Risk



I have been active in our Program for many years, and what I am about to share with you has saved my sobriety, sanity, my life. Has also proven helpful to those I have had to joy of sharing our way of life. I believe all who live in this human condition long enough will go through growth, life cycles that can and does put us at risk. I have seen in others and experienced myself on the dark side of this natural cycle and not understanding what was going on harmed ourselves.

There is a point in our growth, life cycle where we are in deed at risk. "There comes a time when no human power can keep us form drinking". I have come to believe that this is the time that accounts for most if not all the slips, the suicides, and all forms of destructive behavior happen. What confounds me the most has come when I was enjoying the benefits of a well-rounded program? Then everything quit "working".

Let me share with you what I have experienced as a common growth cycle in my life. It goes something like this:

a) Everything going just fine life could not be better.

b) Then I begin to feel "just not happy", not unhappy but something is missing.

c) My meetings don't go well. Like they are not doing the meets "right"

d) My prayer and meditations don't seem real.

e) Nothing I am reading hit home.

f) Self-centeredness is a little too centered.

g) I may do a quick checklist:

Am I doing something I should not be doing saying, thinking or feeling?

On the other hand, Am I not doing something I should be doing, saying, thinking or feeling?

There is a solution; in fact it is the same solution reapplied which I have come to realize is the A.A. Way of Life suggested in our Big Book. "We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves." (Page 45 Big Book) When this begins to happen, and it will, stop fighting and turn to our Higher Power time and again until He Transforms it, and if you let Him, He will.