017 Love Your Enemies



A wise Teacher once said that we need to love our enemy. Another wise person wrote that our only real enemy is our fear. Now how can one love our fear? Then I remembered another awakening which was that if we will turn a face and embrace our fears they will change their nature. We will find that our fear will be one of two "realities". Most likely that fear we turn to face and embrace is an illusion we made up, or it is a real problem that calls for healing or acceptance. If dealing with an illusion it should be easier to let go of realizing we made it up. We could accept that it came out of our little personal "reality". Taking responsibility for our illusion and choose to let it go is a great first step. Then we can choose to let our Father heal or transform it into an asset. If that fear turns out to be a problem we can begin to look for a solution, and we can choose to let our Higher Power be that Solution.


What are the fears you have been unwilling or unable to face?

Would you be willing to face your enemy so you can be free, even if that enemy is you, even for this one moment?