029 Winners And Losers

029 Mission Element - Enlightened

Let us bless everyone and everything today, that way we will be able to believe everyone and everything will bless us, out of enlightened self-interest. Love is the greatest prize we can receive, so let’s bless everyone, every-created being with love, out of enlightened self-interest. There is no difficulty that enough love will not heal. Out of enlighten self-interest let’s bless all that we call defects, fear and anger, in other words anything we believe to be negative and let Love heal it. Out of enlightened self-interest let us look for the good in everyone and everything. When our vision is off the path bless everyone and everything anyway. Let’s let the Boss dissolves what is not love, yes again out of enlightened self-interest. Let’s go for the easier way extending the love we are. We are surrounded by love. We are radiating love. We were created by Love. We are sustained by Love. We are all expressions of Love, yes of course, out of enlighten self-interest let us be our loving self. Let us be about our Father’s Business. Thy Love Thy Will be done. "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." As we can see the principle of enlightened self-interest has been around a longtime. Our Father has transformed our selfish, self-centeredness into enlightened self-interest.


1. Do you agree that living a sober, joyous, happy and free life is enlightened self-interest or selfishness?

2. Have you bought into the idea that living our father’s will is enlightened self-interest?

3. Has your selfishness, self-centeredness been transform into enlightened self-interest?