038 Must Be Present


This workbook cannot serve those who are active in their alcoholism or any other chemical addiction. We don't know of any program, which can aid these people. Perhaps it is as simple as this: When the time comes to face the healing process these people avoid the process by means of their addiction. Commonsense tells us we need to abstain while working on this healing process. The mind that made us sick cannot make us well in its present state nor under the influence of the addiction. We cannot get to those conditions and causes of our alcoholism or addiction if we are unwilling or unable to face and own them. We need something Higher than us, different from us, other than us, that can and will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. This is a mind training and Spiritual Awakening Program, so it is important to be consciously present.


Can you recall working the Program with one who was not clean and sober?

What about your own experience?