043 What I Choose Does Matter


Once there was a wise man that lived in a small village. There also lived a guy who was jealous of the wise man, and hell-bent on showing him up. One day this guy took a group of witnesses to confront the wise man. This guy had a small bird in his closed fist. He said to the wise man, "If you are so wise, tell me this: Is the bird I have in my hand dead or alive?" The wise man knew if he answered the bird was alive, this guy would squeeze it to death, and if he answered that it was dead, he would open his hand and let it fly away. The wise man replied, "It is as you choose." And so it is with this way of life, this program.


This is such a good lesson about responsibility for what we experience.

Can you give an example of an important experience that you blamed another for only later realize it was caused by your decision?