041 My Shadow And me


What most of us see is our own little reflection in that limiting mirror of our personal "reality," hearing the hum of our little voice as that "reality." This image we see and the sounds we hear are so familiar, so habitual that we often think and feel that "this" is REALITY. At best it is but a shadow of our Higher Self.

After we have worked through all the Steps at least once we are most likely experiencing some Spiritual Awakening. We begin to experience our Higher-Self and that Reality to me is more like intuitively knowing, and I can easily tell the difference between my personal "reality" and Reality. My personal "reality" is familiar and experienced as something good or bad, but with that intuitive Reality it needs no other proofs.


Are you able to discern which voice you are hearing, your Higher Self or your personal "reality"?

Are you learning to communicate well in our first language, silence?