018 Old dogs new tricks!


We cannot teach old dogs new tricks -- however we are not old dogs nor is our Alcoholics Anonymous Program or our Workbooks or our Workshops a trick. This system is not for trading one addiction for a less harmful one. It is not one of substitution although it appears to be just that. It is for disempowering an old useless and or harmful habit, but more important it is to empower living, loving principles into our daily life. We hope Spiritual in their nature. A Spiritual Principle increase in value with its use both in their worth and usefulness in loving ways. Those parts of the ego or material in their nature deteriorate or will sometimes become more harmful with use. We can learn Spiritual Principles at any age if we believe we can and do our little part.


How do you view our Program, as a miracle or magic?

As we grow older many of us have bought into the idea that it is too hard to learn anything new or too complex after we get "older". Have you bought into that?

Do you believe that it is our Higher Power that we look to for results therefore there can be no order of difficulties?