044 Nine Elements Of Love – First Patience


For 40 days I used this affirmation – I am patient; my love is passive, waiting to begin, not in a hurry, calm, and ready to do its work when the summons comes. Love understands and therefore waits.

Once I realized the core of my impatience, I changed the way I viewed my sharing with others. I decided to build a new habit around patience. When I was impatient with anyone I found that I had bought into an idea there was no value in my being with this person, for him or her or me. My new habit was to affirm that each one brought me a gift, and I had one for them, if I did not practice a little patience, I would miss that gift.

Realizing that patience is an important element of love and that our Program's second Spiritual Gift is love, it has become much easier to practice a little patience with those I share this life with.

It soon became clear to me the same principle held true for my impatience concerning events or circumstances. For example if stuck at a Red Light because the person in front of me was in the turning-lane and not turning, I got impatient. Why am I stuck here, now? There is no value in my being here, now. I chose extended my new habit of expecting something of value, a gift to include everyone and everything When I took the time to look around expecting a gift I saw lots I missed before.


How do you express this Element Of Love – Patience?

Would you be willing to try the above for the next 40 days?