107 Perception Correction


Al: I had been able to handle this same simple problem with the same person just a shot time ago. Now however I find myself in this squirrel cage running around in circles unable to let it go. The more I ragged on myself the worse it got. I would remind myself how easy it was to correct before but now I was unable to use the same tools on the same problem, with the same person. Go figure that out.

Lou-is: I have experienced the same problem so I understand. Once I accepted I could not get the closer I expected with "Yesterday’s Bread" for what was the same simple matter, I turned to our Boss for a solution. I knew I could count on Him for guidance, understanding or whatever it would take to heal what I could not alone and unaided. The thought came to me why it is so important to live in the present, we change a tiny bit with each experience, each moment. In effect we were two different people dealing with two different look-a-like problems. This left little doubt that my perception needed corrected to enable me to deal with the here and now.


Can you give an example when you were unable to handle a problem you were able to before?

How long did you stay in the problem before you looked for a solution and what was that solution?