102 Principles Before Personalities

Lou-is recalls his mission statement - I am devoted, dedicated, committed to experiencing Your Presence, Father consciously, consistently within me and everywhere present. To know, to realize, to live Your Will me, as my mission, empowered by Your grace. Thank You.


When I stopped trying to make a mystery out of principles before personalities statement, like most good ideas it turns out to be simple. An idea or principle may have a wide range of use with many forms, which makes it complex but not complicated. We may be consciously living a principle at one level or area while being in denial in another. That by the way is another good reason to practice these principles in all our affairs. The following is a brief working definition and examples for the two key words principle and personality.



To view this idea in a simple working definition, I treat a principle as a standard; a yardstick or guideline, which I accept, especially when my experience tells me it is good, wise and useful.

This word comes from a root word, meaning a mask. I believe our personality is a mask that our Program helps us to remove. We may choose to misuse; to hid or blame others or enlist it in Boss' Service.

AA is a way of life that works for me. I am so grateful, and I do know the Source is our Higher Power and not I alone, unaided.

I am grateful to Bill W. and Dr Bob but I view them as inspired Messengers and agents for our Higher Power.

Our Program is both an Awakening and a learning Program, empowered by grace. I am a teachable worker, but I look to our Higher Power for the results.

When my perfectionism takes over I can never do enough good enough, yet I push and punish myself as if I am my own source and not my Higher Power.

AA Service is an opportunity to share love. We can be of service as our Boss intends. Others are drawn to us for His purpose, it is wise to follow His direction.

I do loving acts but that does not cause me to experience love. I strongly think it should at times. Watch out when I demand credit or love in return.

I practice love, forgiveness, mercy and goodwill out of an enlighten self-interest. It is so easy to share when I am in that most wonderful spiritual flow, that conscious contact with our Father.

I may hide behind a mask of a good characteristic, which does fool some. The mask I would like to take off is the one that hides my true self. My individual created self, which is our Father's will.


Can you list a few examples of how you have put principles before personalities?

It helps to clear up my understanding and broaden my experience when I do this.