016 Let's Set The Record Stright


We have failed many times, but we are not failures. We have been foolish, but we are not fools. We have done many bad things, but we are not evil. Punished many times and made to feel guilty and have done the same to others, but now we seek correction for others and us. We have withheld and withdrawn our love and our Spiritual Gifts, and this caused us to believe that others, even God were doing the same to us.

The mind that made us sick will not make us well, but we do not have to rely on our self-alone and unaided, we have a way of life that really works. Which is our AA Program, come, join us. For every alcoholic using our Twelve Step Program for alcoholism or a drinking problem between six and seven are using it for something other.


What would you like to communicate about misstated ideas that do not reflect understanding, compassion or mercy?