- 1 Upon Awakening

Upon Awakening

Upon awakening, I turn my consciousness to Your Presence Father, the Love, I am, the created individual I am. I am filled with gratitude for what You have in mind for me today. I now hyperlink to You, Father for everything-one I need. My intent is to focus my attention on Your intention, Father, and I Golden Key all else - I am devoted, dedicated, committed to realizing Your Presence within me Father first, then knowing, realizing, living my mission, as You Will. I am empowered by Your Grace, as I am Your son, and a loving brother to all. My mission is now clear, I am sharing all I am given Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and social with whomever You will. You have already provided everyone I am to share with here and now. I am created in Your image and likeness, so I have many of Your attributes by Your grace, I receive Your gifts and talents, and I pass them on. My skills are ever growing more loving, wise and useful, I am becoming fluent in our first language, silence. I realize the Unique Spiritual Presence (that individual Created Self which we are) within all giving me the ability, the power to practice Your Presence in all my affairs. I am Miracle minded open to everyday Miracles. Father let Your Will be done in me and through me. I do love You, want You, need You, thank You. I am consciously, consistently awakening to and realizing Your Guidance, Love, Tender Mercy, and Wisdom. I need Your closer supervision. In addition, I am grateful for all, thank You.

Some days I just need to say, Father and that centers me for the moment. Nevertheless, I use the above to help start my day when I can. It is much like planting seed, and then I tend to them throughout the day.


1.  Upon awakening each day how do you start it?

2.  Do you believe that you can co-create your day?

3.  Do you believe that you have no say in how your day goes?

4.  Do you pray and meditate each morning upon awakening?

5.  Do you believe the first few moments can set the tone for the day?