058 A Dream or


I found myself standing before the door of a wall-less prison that I had made up. I was knocking on the door that was not, asking our Father to let me in so I could be in His Presence, where I had always been. I felt like a Prodigal Son returning Home from a serendipity journey into a far country, but then I realized that I had never left Home. I had returned to a place where I have always been, in the Omnipresence of our Father, our one Source, our Creator. I could hear His Holy Voice saying; "Come to let me love you, heal you, forgive you, teach you and I will, I have, I am. All that I have is yours for the taking, an abundance to share with your brothers and sisters, and doing so it will increase. Open your eyes and see Me all around you, through you, within you and within all I Created."

Now I open my ears, and I hear Your Holy Voice. I open my eyes; my consciousness and I do see an expression of Your Presence, everywhere Present. I am so deeply grateful, I do love You, I want You, I need You, Father. Even for this moment I know even as I am known, and I am indeed at Home. Am I still dreaming?

Now I have awakened from that dream, or was it dream, or is this awakening a larger dream? I am experiencing a most wonderful mystical union with You and Yours Father, and I am at peace. I don't care if it was or was not, is or is not a dream, in this peace I am at Home.


What are your important dreams?

What is your wall-less prison you made up?