025 Mission Element - Healing

025 Mission Element – Healing

Father I am so grateful that you placed me in this healing A.A. way of life. I am part of your healing crew. I cannot share my A.A. experience without sounding like I am bragging. I am like so many A.A. members who have experienced great healings and everyday miracle healings. I can take credit for the willingness, the decisions, the actions and nonactions I was forced into. I have chosen to dwell in the mission given to me, which does make a good difference. I can take some credit for going on the Divine Food Plan, from One Source, which nourishes my whole being, given to me, unearned. Because I am continually experiencing healing in all areas and I’m willing to pass it on, I am a healed healer healing. My physical body seems to grow younger in full-service as my physical mission vehicle. I am given an abundance of all I need to carry out my healing mission. When my computer is acting up I turn off the power and reboot it, returning it to its default programs. When giving a Spiritual healing treatment I follow the same process. I stop the useless chatter with prayer and meditation, in effect cutting off the personal "reality" power. I surrender the problem to our Higher Power, raising my consciousness above the problem and claiming for that person their individual Divine Design, their Spiritual default program. Father I do love You and my Hero Brother with a love deeper than words, Thy Love, Thy Will be done. I am seeking and finding Your indwelling Presence, I am grateful for Your 24/7 Office Hours. I have confidence being a healed healer healing as I have confidence in You, Father because it is You within doing the works called life. Come let us share our healing with one another starting in the invisible silence within. Now, let us pass on the healing we were so freely given.


1. In what areas have you experienced healing for yourself and for another?

2. Are you a part of our Father’s healing crew?