027 Mission Element - Forgiveness

027 Mission Elements – Forgiveness

We are doing a workshop on forgiveness and my question is what forgiveness am I to focus on. Unless I am in denial I don’t have lasting resentments against individuals. Anger continues to popup, but A.A. taught me if I don’t dwell anger it will not turn into a resentment. I am quick to forgive those who are unfair, but that does not heal or change the defective judgment, habit to thoughts and feelings. Forgiving individuals is like moving the furniture around the house, when done it is still the same house. I do have resentments of unfairness fostered by a "prehistoric" judgment of mine. Growing up selfish, self-centered and feeling sorry for myself gave me many opportunities to build my "prehistoric" judgment of unfairness. When I am in a negative state of mind I cannot even watch TV without the judgment of unfairness popping up. I need to inventory as far back as I need to accept full ownership of my judgments about unfairness, and then surrender it to our Father. I am asking, praying that it is another defect transformed into an asset. If I am given the grace to react with love and mercy that will be proof that my "prehistoric" judgment is transformed in to a useful asset I can share. Come let us forgive and love one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What are your "prehistoric" resentments?

2. Do you have any current needs for forgiveness?

3. Have you tried the Forgiveness Workshop in our website – www.12stepworkbook.org – click Workbooks – click Forgiveness?