Title Brief Description
330 Awaken the Hero What awakens the hero or heroine within each of us? Does it take a great act? Is the hero or heroine hidden within me?
331 The Mystic Path I speak often about my heart’s desire. I believe that it is my purpose, my mission. That is the individual our Father created me to be. My secret heart’s desire for more than fifty-five years has been to be a true mystic.
332 Impossible What was impossible is now a way of life. I realize that my life is proof of our Father’s Presence and Action.
333 FLU Season I read this morning that we are in the FLU Season [Forever Loving Us]. I have had a taste of receiving and giving unconditional love.
334 Changing World View I want to be part of the changing our world view. I believe our AA way of life is helping change the world view both inside AA and outside. Real sobriety is far beyond dryness.
335 Wasted Time I was thinking about writing about what we may call wasted time. However there is no such thing as wasted time.
336 Thanks For Giving I want to say to all I share with; Thanks For Giving and Receiving. I want to say to our Father; Thanks For Giving. I want to say to my personal “reality”; thanks for receiving and giving.
337 Alert to Others Needs I choose to be more alert to others needs, which need maybe for abundance, love, service, and peace of mind or overcoming suffering or whatever.
338 Common Misuse of Self It must be the common misuse of words like self-love, self-gratification and self-interest that too often cause us to miss the Divine intent hidden within.
339 Transforming Life I accept the reality the food I ate this morning is transformed into flesh, bones, energy, thoughts and feeling, in other words everything we call life.
340 Touching the Heart One alcoholic sharing recover with another is a good example of one heart touching another. Come let us be about our Father’s Business.
341 Not Disappointed I don't believe that our Father is ever disappointed in any of us, even when we do really bad things.
342 Dark Nights For years I have experienced what is called the Dark Night of the Senses where everything in this human condition fails to bring fulfillment for long, at best I may get a temporary fix.
343 Vision The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision" Helen Keller. I
344 Labor and Rest When I do I can step back and watch Him make things happen according to His will both in myself and others.
345 "Sin" No More The real "sin" as I see it is not sharing the loving holiness, the Divine Design, in the image and likeness of our Father, the hidden secret of the love we are.
346 Two Themes Two themes come to me this morning; the first was I need to make a firm commitment to do our Father’s will at each beginning. The second was to consistently experience the intuitive wisdom that I love so much.
347 Old Wounds Of course I have old wounds, mostly self-inflicted; the origin of the rest is questionable.
348 No Double Standards There are no double standards, other than the ones we make up. Come let us forgive one another and love one another. Thy Love be done.
349 Waste of Time Am I to continue to “swat at gnats and swallow camels?” Am I to continue to wasting my time and energy on useless and unimportant “stuff”?
350 Your Divine Design I ask now that I am and those I share my mission be realigned with Your Divine Design.
351 About Mistakes Tender mercy and grace is a good option for a mistake maker like me.
352 Trusting the Boss I believe these elements are common among those who live the AA Program and other Spiritual Programs.
353 One Solution There is only one True Solution for all my “problems”, it is the Father within each of us.
354 Fool's Gold or Pure Gold An undemonstrated Truth is fool’s gold. It may look and feel like the real thing in my mind’s eye but isn’t. Facts too often get in the way of Reality.
355 Back to the Basics Affirmations Back to the basics; affirming all I want instead of what I don't. I Am healthy Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.
356 Mourning Due to a physical problem of late I am feeling the mourning for the loss of part of my "innocence". I pray that I never again have anything that gets in the way of my mission.
357 Training Whales When SeaWorld first opened I took one of my grandsons to watch training the whales. I leaned a simple lesson that can be used in most relationship.
358 Fluently Communicating Silently I want so much to communicate fluently in our first language, silence. We do it all the time sharing with others, consciously or subconsciously we radiate or project I real thoughts and feelings silently.
359 The Eskimo Way There is an Eskimo tribe in the Arctic Coastal region that is known for their unique ivory art carvings