Title Brief Description
270 A Really Good Friday This Good Friday is about the Spiritual Transformation I long for.
271 Easter My journey from the tomb to the promised awakening of our Program is now my Spiritual journey being fulfilled.
272 Smail Acts Of Service I am inspired today by a writing of Mother Teresa: “Do small things with great love.”
273 A Healing Power The great Healer within each of us through our Program is removing obstructions and creating an environment where the natural Healing takes place.
274 Rebirth of Innocence I lost my childhood and early adult innocence long ago. I have mourned that lost a great deal compounded with the belief I could never have innocence again.
275 A Simple Need If we are not failing once in a while we are not active enough.
276 I'm Blocking Me I am so willing to let go of my negativity, fear and anger, the price is way overinflated.
277 Omni-Giver I only need a willingness to do my little part and receive the abundance already given. Our Father is the Omni-giver and Omni-forgiver.
278 Guilt and Shame In all healing treatments we call on our Father to bring His Divine Design into realignment. Give thanks that His Will, His Love is done
279 Where are the other nine Only one turned back to give thanks. “Ten were healed where are the other nine.” I chose the road less traveled many years ago, not long after coming in the Program. I was asked what I would do different if I could do my life over.
280 Today Is A Feast Day I am so grateful that I have the tools in which my life can make a difference.
281 Our Father's Worth and Value I had a stream of thoughts about our Father's worth and value and how it is contrary to mine. I realize my worth and value is not contrary but a tiny part of His Whole expression of life.
282 Blue Collar Miracle Workers "Do small things with great love" Mother Teresa. Our AA way of life gives us opportunities daily to do, say, think and feel acts of love.
283 Cut The Chatter When I cannot stop the useless chatter and my life is filled with cluttered I choose to use the same process I use to reboot my computer. First I turn off the power. I stop dwelling on the useless chatter.
284 Re-Commitment I am willing to re-commit to another round of radical training. Practicing our Father’s Presence and living the Three Spiritual 24/7; Awakening, loving and being the created individual I am. I am looking to You, Father as my only True Source.
285 Rewrite and Rewire I want to rewrite and rewire my personal “reality” to have what it takes, to do our Father’s will.
286 Change As I think about change and embrace the Spiritual principle of change I am able to love change. As I love change my love is changing.
287 Demonstrate It When I receive one the gifts that symbolize my created individual Self I need to pass it on. I intuitively realize that I cannot claim it as mine until it is demonstrated.
288 I Say Yes Father I say yes to Your Presence and yes to Your Action at each beginning.
289 Project on my Mind I have a new project on my mind and I cannot think of anything else. “Behind every problem or difficulty lies the Truth of Being.” Fox
290 Why Special Times? Why do so many humans wait a year for a special day to celebrate our love for mothers?
291 Miracles Passing of time does not change things but what takes place during the passing of time.
292 Great Prep Day I am having a great preparation time of day. I am feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude. I see the opportunity for a timeless present in our Father’s Presence.
293 Technology Dependence Technology, I thought was to serve me. Just let my computer, TV, phone, car, and any of my devices stop working. I am over concerned for "lost", am I their servant?
294 Love - Grace - Fellowship Being put in my place is no longer a negative act. It is a place here and now that I can be the individual I am created self. Love and grace joins me with the universal fellowship within every created being
295 After All Are Angels Remember He has given His angels charge over us in all our ways. We never know when they will make their presence consciously known, so “Hold on”.
296 Busy Comparing I have been so busy comparing my mission, my life to others that I pass up a chance to be grateful for all I’m given. I am not a person with exceptional talents or powers.
296 Busy comparing I have been so busy comparing my mission, my life to others that I pass up a chance to be grateful for all I’m given. I am not a person with exceptional talents or powers.
297 New Radical Commitments I am making a new radical commitment to love every created being. I am committed to love all. I choose not waste my time or energy trying to like anyone that I do not spontaneously like.
299 Rebooting My computer is reminding me of the ebbs and flows of the ocean of my life. When my computer stopped working, I cut off its power supply and then I rebooted it.