Title Brief Description
060 Watch for Termites These little guys can undermine the foundation of any relationship.
061 Who's Responsible I searched for the answer to this question, who is responsible for the solution for a great many years and could never find an answer I could live for or with, until it became so simple.
062 Who's Using These Works? When we began doing Workshops, Retreats and Study Groups a great many years ago we set them up as open to all who may find them useful.
063 Winners and Losers Who are these winners and losers?
064 The Torchbearer “To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.” (John McCrae)
065 Life is filled with Wonder When I take time-out to watch some of the tiny creatures our Father came up with, I marvel, I am filled with wonder.
066 Bankrupted Idealist Bill Wilson once wrote that we were bankrupted idealist, perhaps we aren’t really bankrupt.
067 Healing Waters I just sat there watching and listening to the ebb and flow of the tide for hours. At some point my emotional disaster broke and a peace came over me.
068 Your Choice If we are willing to open our eyes, unplug our ears, open our hands we may indeed find what we have been looking for but not finding.
069 Look To This Day This is a great Sanskrit Proverb that many of us have found useful for living one day at a time. It is the original and first of a series we are offering to meditate on by consciously affirming this day.
070 Laughing all the way! Laughter is an outer expression of an internal joyful heart, even when we don’t know the source of that joy.
071 Running Late What happens when I tell myself I am really running late? I spill something I had to take the time to clean it up.
072 Mirror, Mirror Within Us All When I look in the mirror on my bathroom wall I can see my personal “reality” mask concealing my True identity.
073 What if I Can't? Dogs are able to demonstrate unconditional love for their master, without bribing, we just need to show up.
074 Look To This Moment Meditate on This Present Moment. There are no neutral now, each present moment counts, choose well what you dwell on this moment.
075 What is Hidden? Father, I can accept You hid the giant oak tree inside an acorn. Why is it so difficult for me to accept You hid Your Presence and our Higher Selves within each of us?
076 With Meaning “The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.” (C. G. Jung)
077 I Love Doing What I Do Serving others is only work if there is something else we rather be doing. Yes, taking timeout to help another may be inconvenient and demanding but our sobriety or sanity will be enriched.
078 In His Name Our Alcoholics Anonymous Program gives us a set of great Spiritual tools. Most of the great Spiritual teachers, masters come around to the reality that God is love.
079 Was I Dreaming I was dreaming I was standing at the door of the wall-less prison I had “made up” with my person “reality” my dream world, another one of my illusions of separation.
080 Show me the Road My mission purpose effectiveness depends on You, Father as my only True Source. “Let dawn bring news of Your faithful love,
081 Who's Choosing In this world we have to make choices and when we don’t directly choose that is a choice. I have to make a choice this morning how I will spend my limited time on my prep-work.
082 Regrets - Paradox “We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it”. Alcoholics Anonymous is where miracles happen and promises come true.
083 Prison Pilot Series Today I have an opportunity to bring our Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook in to a prison. This is a start of a five-part series; maybe, we intend to go back two week between each workshop
084 Another Bill Wilson's Legacy Bill Wilson, who wrote the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions passed away in 1971.
085 Oops! I judged that wayward person as childish, ungrateful and vindictive. Oops! I realized I was resenting their actions.
086 Another Rebound Here I am recovering from a rebound. Anytime I have a good or great expanding experience, I will soon have a rebound.
087 Massive Recall Auto-makers have massive safety recalls, to correct a defect. By our Father’s loving grace He has ongoing massive recalls, to correct our defects.
088 Upgrading Shame to Guilt to Gratitude We are not bound by yesterday’s experience, unless we believe we are. I am so grateful for the past gifts of grace, but I don’t want to box myself in as if our Father has run out of His Gifts.
089 Inspired Reading Ever thing I read for my prep-work is encouraging to co-create my day, by focusing on building my personal “reality” under our Father’s guidance.