Title Brief Description
240 Self-Inflicted Wounds My wounds, lack and limits are self-inflicted. Yes there are times when other people are part of the wounding and withholding, but even those I question.
241 All About Me I hate the saying about a self-centered person; “so it is all about you.” About the time I think I am free from too much self-centeredness my denial breaks down.
242 The Critic My internal critic within is alive and well
244 Quantum Leap On the other hand AA can be like quantum physics. When a defect is transformed into a workable asset, it’s quantum physics.
245 Other's Suffering I have been caught up in other people’s suffering and how helpless I am to do anything about it. That must be an expression of love. I am feeling part of the human condition instead of separation.
246 The Doc Within “We are at the best when the doctor who resides within each patient has the chance to go to work.” Albert Schweitzer
247 First Language Silence is our first language and everything else is a poor translation.
248 Past Authorities My authority experience became my God as I understood Him. Authorities were: punishing, unfair, withholding, not loving, and too demanding. God and authorities gave the good stuff to their chosen.
249 Ready For Duty Well I am ready for duty, whatever that means.
250 Growths In Two Directions “Each tree grows in two directions at once, into the darkness and out into the light, with as many branches and roots as it needs to embody its wild desires.” John O’Donohue
251 A Cup of Wakeup Coffee “I would like to have the same intense desire for God in the morning as I do for my wakeup cup of coffee.”
252 Divine Union With a deep love and gratitude I accept the Divine Gift of Yourself to me, to all Father. I offer the gift of myself to You. This Divine Union is the relationship I long for.
253 Al Duplex In case you did not know Al Duplex has two joining condominiums. On one side is my personal "reality", my rational reasoning mind lives. The other side houses my created intuitive Self
254 Service Opportunities Seems like old times – our members are seeking opportunities to serve.
256 Dissatisfied With Dissatisfaction We do not ask for too much - we ask for too little
257 Abuse of Power I sponsor people who are dealing with people who abuse the power given them. The problem is compounded by the power the victims give the abuser.
258 Quest du jour I find it helpful to start my day with the Quest du jour. QUEST DU JOUR – IS MY QUEST OF THE DAY A QUESTION?
259 My Personal "reality" is Changing My prayers and meditations are not to change our Father but to change me so that I am in alignment with His Will for me. When I believe that I am in alignment I experience a love and joy deeper than words.
260 Time Change THE ONLY TIME THERE CAN BE CHANGE IS NOW - The time for change is always now – the only time there is – yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is not yet a now.
261 Where Does Darkness Go? Did you ever wonder where darkness goes when you turn on a light? Have you ever wonder where illusions go when you’re enlightened?
262 Finding Proof Seeking our Father for His sensible Presence may cause Him to hide, seeking Him by faith, that is for Himself, I am more likely to find proof of His Presence.
263 Not Too Serious Come let us sing and dance during this transformation. Rule 62; “Don’t take yourself too serious.” Return to love. Thy Love be done.
264 Planting Seeds I want to plant the seeds that will one day bear the vine ripe fruit I want to enjoy eating and sharing. I am aware of the truth; there are no neutral thoughts or feelings, each one is a seed I am planting.
265 Do You Hear What I Hear I am let in on some of Your secret ways within the silence invisible place within me through prayer and meditation. I now bring some of these out into this duplex world to share.
266 Our Father is Love I realize that our Father is love, which means that we are love.
267 Enlightened Reasons To Love All Who is the most important person to love? The one that comes to mind. When is the best time to love anyone? Now. Where is the best place to love someone? Here.
268 Limited Talents Most of the people I know, including myself, are given only a few limited talents, and only a hand full of seeds to plant. Unused talents will never bring us their intended fulfillment.
269 Love - Our Common Purpose We are only as great as we express our loving service.