Title Brief Description
180 Training Whales I took one of my grandsons to Sea World when it first opened. We were invited to watch them train the whales and I learned a valuable lesson.
181 Demonstrate It Now that I know it is bad for me I will never do it again. That’s the universal theme song of this alcoholic.
182 I Know You're There Where O where can I find my Higher Power?
183 Outlining At times I am sure that I am praying for my Higher Power’s will and deep down in my heart I know it is the perfect gift to ask for here and now, but no gift is forthcoming.
184 Love Is A Healing Power Why is love a healing power touching everything into wholeness?
185 Go In At The Servant's Entrance Gifted people go through life with great ease, everything goes their way. I’m not one of the blessed ones.
186 Once A Violent Person! Once a violent person always a violent person.
187 Spiritual Trilingual A generous friend suggested that I’m a Spiritual trilingual; I am a person who can communicate the Spiritual languages with equal fluency.
188 Wasp Wisdom Like the wasp I experience an illusionary way out of my entrapment and hit a glass wall.
189 Omnipresence I believe practicing; Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social the Presence of my Higher Power, I choose to call our Father, is the most important action I can take. Then why don’t I do it 24/7?
190 Productivity My friend Sam’s boss at General Motors told him that he confused activity with productivity.
191 Depression - Unwelcome Guest Action is the magic word.
192 Switching Additions Al Kohallek’s sponsor suggested to Al that he may switch from his alcoholism to another addition if he did not get to the conditions and causes through the Steps.
193 Why Push Others Away? About twelve years ago I found myself pushing some of the people I shared the AA Program with for many years, what happened?
194 A Life Time Of Selfishness? Al Kohallek’s sponsor answers Al’s question about selfishness.
195 Al Kohallek's Pigeon What should I call someone I Sponsor?
196 Who is the good hero or heroine? Type Number One - The Good Hero or heroine theme
197 Who Is Number Two Hero or Heroine ? Type Number Two – The Hero or Heroine Who Punishes Wrongdoers
198 Monday Again I love having something to do.
199 Hidden Commitments Come out - come out my useless and or harmful habits
200 Moosiness To The Rescue When I seem to run out of assets I turn to my defects.
201 Divine Thermostat We have a built in thermostat - a path to correction
202 His Business How about a renewed dedication and commitment to go about His Business as if it were ours, because it is?
203 A Serendipity Journey Prep Every day is a serendipity journey so let’s prepare for it and let our Higher Power prepare us.
204 Let Go Let God Today the adage “Let Go and Let God “has taken on a much deeper realistic meaning.
205 The Hidden Dark Side I’m trying to understand my dark violent image within my personal “reality.”
206 Old Wounds Some old wounds never die they just hide away.
207 Dragon Slayers Here is a bit of good news there are no dragons except the ones I made up. More good news our Higher Power isn’t bound by our limitations or the dragons we make up.
208 Prayers Of The Heart Beware of outlining your prayers - you may miss the answer.
209 Youthful Characteristics? What are some of the characteristics of a Spiritual youth? Is it a state of mind or heart?