Title Brief Description
210 Changing Fear If we embrace our fear it will change its nature. The nature of fear is it’s an illusion or a problem. If it’s an illusion I can surrender it. If it’s a problem it calls for a solution or acceptance. We treat these to characteristic much different.
211 Yesterday's Leftovers Who gets the leftovers
212 Good Morning Father Just another affirmation to help me build into my personal “reality” what I want instead of what I do not want.
213 Hero/Heroine Journey A few Hero/Heroine Journey Thought Starters
214 Seeing With The Eyes Of Faith Seeing with the eyes of faith is the proof of our Higher Power’s Presence. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.”
215 Great Idea Do small things with great love
216 Giving What I Now Have I want to give now what I have that the time of giving is mine and not my inheritors.
217 Seeking A New Transformation Have you ever had a burning desire for something and dreamed about it and that dream was so real it was difficult to deal with when you did wake up?
218 Conserving Time and Energy The older I get the more I have to take into account how I use my time and my energy
219 Living Amends The very best living amends is to be the individual each of us was created as
220 Petty Rights And Wrongs What I can do, let me do it with joy. What I cannot do let me quickly surrender it over to my Higher Power, I choose to call, Father.
221 Forgiveness The Pathway To Freedom We cannot continue to grow unless we deal with forgiveness. Whomever or whatever we hold bound is to hold ourselves bound.
222 Yes Today let us say yes to everything we experience in a positive way. Let us focus our yes on those things want.
223 Grace = Presence and Action Grace is the Presence and Action of our Higher Power within doing the works we call life.
224 Who What When Where Who am I? Why am I here now? Where am I? What shall I do, say, think or feel? When will I get answers for the questions given to me to ask?
225 Love and Gratitude I want to express the love and gratitude I have for our Father and His Son.
226 Thy Love Be Done I want to practice "Thy Will Be Done" throughout this day by saying "Thy Love Be Done".
227 Keep on Keeping on I thought of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson, two social outcasts (two nuts) who stood their ground
228 First Choice I am responsible for my decisions and actions. My first choices each day will influence my actions. Let me choose wisely
229 Hard Work “Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? Edgar Bergen
230 Our Father/Mother's Forgiveness What I thought called for the need for your forgiveness is changing.
231 The Tide Flows In and Out Today's reading from Emmet Fox is perfect for me: "The tide flows in and out", it's about our Spiritual unfoldment.
232 I Have Seen The Enemy have seen the enemy. It is me hiding behind the mask disguised as others. I cannot fully love myself if I withhold love, service or forgiveness from anyone including myself.
233 Wearing Out The Prodigal Son I keep using the Prodigal Son turning Home, perhaps too often, as a metaphor, when I am doing a wrong that I want it healed or forgiven.
234 Drunk Dreams Everything has a useful purpose - even drunk dreams
235 Today's Agreement Without my heart’s desire; that mystical Divine union with our Father and His will 24/7, I agree today not to seek replacements, quick fixes.
236 Messengers Are Needed I started off the year with a meeting. Before it was over I was confronted with and old weakness. I find it easy to communicate with my home group. When I am at other groups I hold back the depth of love, gratitude and perhaps the wisdom given to me to share.
237 I'm Reminded I am reminded that everything and everyone that comes into my consciousness has a God-given purpose.
238 Unable to Remember Lately I am hearing a great deal about people that are unable to remember well. Two people this week said; the first signs of these illnesses, they fear, are the inability to remember names. Come on, some of us have never been good at remembering names.
239 Unleashing my Negativity The unleashing of my negativity started its latest round Sunday with the TV program 60 Minutes. It confirmed my fears that our world leaders are so powerless in the presence of the worldwide violence and corruption.