Title Brief Description
090 Intuitive Sled Dog The lead sled dog knows its way and follows its intuitive guidance. It makes the wise decisions about crossing ice or finding a new path.
091 Labor Pains Be careful what you ask for, for you will surely get what is not it.
092 Birthday Inventory Coming upon my A.A. birthday I have given my past too much attention, wasting time and energy I could use on what I tell myself I really want.
093 Restating our Principles “Let us restate our Principle. We are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility…It can pass into expression through us only as we consciously allow It to do so.
094 What Now My question this morning is what shall I write when I am running late, tired and uninspired? One thought comes to me, why not spend a little extra time on the affirmation we repeat each day.
095 The Greatest Gift Our Father, I ask You; for the greatest gift of all, that I may be in conscious union with Your Will, Your Love, Your Life as You created me.
096 Elightened Self-Interest I feel so not right about thinking about loving myself. It is clear the nature of our disease, alcoholism is rooted in selfish, self-centeredness.
097 Service What is a deeply satisfying way of life? Service; Alcoholics Anonymous offers us as many opportunities for loving service as we are willing to accept.
098 I'M a Worker Because I am a worker I always think I could have done more. With very little reflection I can see whatever I have done that seem to matter was always by grace.
099 Love Turns Work into Rest Yes, Father, love does turn work into rest.
100 Al Kohal-lution Do you have one solution that fits all levels of our human Condition? If so what is it?
101 Loose Them Lou-is suggested that Al Kohallek work the Program with a person bound to and limited by their old defects, which they are unable to let go. Lou-is assuring Al he will likely receive more from helping another understand how to apply the Program than the one he is sharing with. Today you are the one who temporary has more to share with one who temporary has less.
102 Principles Before Personalities Al Kohallek wants to know just what does it mean to put principles before personalities. Why should it be so important to me or "what’s in for me". Lou-is shares with Al what it means to him by giving him a few examples.
103 Al Kohallek Goes A Sponsoring Al, I understand that you are now sponsoring a newcomer, I am happy to hear that. I am reminded of my early years of sponsoring, I wanted to be the best sponsor in all AA. I asked many questions both in and out of meetings. I wanted everyone to know that I was a sponsor. I wanted to know how to do it perfect the first time-out. Of course I did not bring that information up during my sponsorship "investigation" meetings. I would like to share my experience and I have some suggestions.
104 It’s Transformation Time Lou-is, Al Kohallek’s sponsor is one who believes it is important to share what is going on in his life. When he realized he was in the first stages of another Spiritual Transformation he let Al in on it.
105 Easy Does It But Do It Easy does it but do it, we did not get here overnight nor is it likely we will get well overnight, but the journey can begin here and now.
106 Staying Teachable If I choose to continue to awaken and grow then I must remain teachable in an every changing world.
107 Perception Correction Al Kohallek told his sponsor, Lou-is that he realized he was angry with himself for something he could not change. He was unable to forgive himself and could not let it go, he asked now what?
108 My Judgment Call When I have a need to forgive, but I am unable to, I change my need to forgive back into the judgment that cause that need and change that judgment
109 Discipline to Embrace or Avoid? Discipline is one of those words that turn people off. Do you think of discipline as a character builder? As a tool for realizing the way of life, you want? On the other hand, do you view discipline a penalty imposed for wrongdoing, punishment?
110 Father is it I? When it comes to change, I have a problem; I always resist it at first. I am better than I use to be. I still resist the change, but it is not as intense as it was, or does the resistance last as long. How foolish can it be for me to think it is our Father who needs change and not I?
111 A Negative Friend The question is, how can my expressing negativity be an answer to my prayer?
112 Can’t let go I never quick anything that was bad for me the first time I found out it was. Why am I able to let go of some of my addictions or problem and not others?
113 Are you limiting your gifts? Are You Fishing For Whales Or Minnows?
114 Guilt And Punishment The Drug of choice The most widely used drug is Guilt and Punishment - It is a temporary fix.
115 Recommitting I am recommitting daily, throughout this day to practice my heart’s desire; to seek and find our Father’s Love and Will and do it.
116 Periodic Alcoholic A periodic alcoholic can drink alcohol with impunity free from self-guilt and punishment for extended intervals of time.
117 Time Change My experience tells me that every human drawn to another has a purpose for both, with a conscious or unconscious agenda. When that agenda is fulfilled or no longer important, change is called for.
118 The Power Within Lou-is, Al Kohallek's sponsor shares with him one of the ways he improves his conscious contact with our Father, Creator within.
119 Limits of Cause and effect We are subject to the law of cause and effect but not bound by it.