Title Brief Description
150 The Right Size Group What is the most effective size for your Alcoholics Anonymous group?
151 Hidden in the By-product A primary aim is not to drink alcohol or do drugs, but what about the by-products?
152 Make a Difference Each of us has a mission, a purpose that gives our life meaning.
153 Rule 62 And One of my readings this morning was from Tradition Four in Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions about Rule #62; “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.”
154 Fix It Quick How about a quick fix for my drinking problem? The best an alcoholic like me, in the quick fix department is dryness but not sobriety.
155 Speaking With Authority Speaking with authority!
156 Giving Multiplies There is an illusion that if we give away what is important for us to keep, we are the big loser, when the opposite is true.
157 An A.A. High I became over zealous when I caught on to Alcoholics Anonymous.
158 Three More Essentials The three essentials working our Alcoholics Anonymous Program are honesty, willingness, and open-mindedness. The three more essentials I believe are the first Three Traditions.
159 Unlike A Cocktail Party I’m sure happy our Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are not like a cocktail party
160 No Résumé Required I am grateful I did not have to present a Résumé to sign on with Alcoholics Anonymous.
161 Drink The Sober Drunkenness At one time just plain drunkenness was “good”.
162 Adjusting Our Guidance System We have a Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social guidance system, which performs 24/7 and it does not stay stagnant.
163 Treated Like An Adult Yes, when I came to the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I was emotionally childish, but treated like an adult.
164 Rebounding Upper A rebound is a “downer” we could say. I am choosing a rebounding which is an “upper”, a good kind of pressure.
165 Prison or Playground We are all serving a life sentence; shall it be prison or a playground?
166 Replace It Or Fix It? Dealing with emotional reaction!
167 Where's the Boss Where and when will I experience my Higher Power?
168 Fool's Gold When is Fool's Gold Real Gold?
169 Bears and Resentments What do resentments and bears have in common?
170 Obsolete Stuff Al Kohallek is still holding on to obsolete stuff.
171 Beams Tolerant What to do when you are off the bear
172 Who's Eligible for Contemplation? Contemplation, I believe is the Highest form of meditation. My question, is it to advanced for me?
173 How Deep Will You Dig? Are you willing to go to any length to reach the way of life you have only dreamed of?
174 My Chances Are Better Can I step up my growth?
175 Can It Be? Can it be that we can be the salt of the earth...and a light of the world?
176 Forgiving My Higher Power Al Kohallek’s sponsor told him, that he had to forgive every authority he ever had, including his Higher Power.
177 AA on Display You may be the only Big Book someone may ever see?
178 Unforgivable I thought that all my wrongs could be forgiven, so what’s this unforgivable stuff?
179 An AA Adult Coming-of-age in AA is a wonderful goal to strive for.