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120 Everyday Angels Al Kohallek has been getting all kinds of ideas what an angel is from some of his AA friends. 1. Like an immortal, spiritual being attendant on God. 2. More of a conventional representation of such a being in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings. 3. Maybe, A guardian spirit or guiding influence. 4. How about God's thoughts flowing through created beings to us. Then Lou-is his sponsor told him of his experience with everyday angels.
121 Love A Healing Power My love, our love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, for my love, our love is an extension of Creator’s love.
122 Dry-Polar Where would dry alcoholics be without an A.A. Program?
123 Does The Past Equal the Future? I know that I did not create myself nor doing I maintain myself alone and unaided, so what is my responsibility here and now?
124 The Unicorn I need the oxen, the mule, donkey and the Unicorn. Throughout my sobriety journey, I have used all four to these.
125 Key Word – We The word we is used 1659 times in our Big Book 3rd addition, so it must be a key word.
126 Key Word – I In our Big Book the word I is used 7214 times, so I have to say that it is a Key Word.
127 Meditate on this When I need a conscious contact with my Higher Power, my Higher Self and or my personal "reality" I meditate on, I ponder, I think about and feel out for the Omnipresence within me.
128 Judging our Higher Power What about the times when I have no conscious contact with my Higher Power?
129 Beyond Forgiveness Building the equivalent of an unconditional love or understanding or something.
130 Unfounded Idealism I am a worker so when I hear someone say; “If I just don’t drink or ……… I will be just fine”, it turns me off. I enjoyed the following story and I hope you will enjoy its simple message.
131 Don’t Miss The Special Gift If you are looking only to the special to be special you may miss most of the Special. “Do the small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa)
132 The Dreamer “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) “The Lord is able to give thee much more than this.” (2 Chronicles 25:9)
133 Spiritual Discernment Can anyone experience Spiritual Discernment or do you have to be special?
134 How About Tiny Addictions? Every once in awhile I find another tiny addiction, these seem endless.
135 What Can Change? What can we change or have changed for us?
136 When I Do A Wrong What happens when I do a wrong or miss the mark?
137 A Hidden Power Of Moodiness When I do a new workshop it seem the area I am working on come out of every area of my consciousness.
138 Finding The Core Of Perfectionism If we are into perfectionism, and we fail even at the smallest way, we forget all the good we have done and focus only on the failure. We judge others the same. For example, at the slightest rejection we forget all the love we have shared with someone and obsess on this one breach of love.
139 Where Did This Online Idea Come From? The longer I am around the more I am convinced that our Higher Power is always the first cause of everyone and everything but then it comes through our little filter.
140 Why Practice? Practice makes perfect
141 How Useful Are Mistakes? How much can we learn from our failures? Our Success?
142. An Alcoholic Is? Upgrading our understanding of an alcoholic.
143 Spiritual or Religion The distinction between Spirituality and Religion made simple.
144 Was I Awake or Sleeping? I have thoughts, ideas and feeling that come to me early in the morning. This experience often proves useful on my serendipity journey.
145 New Generation of AA How can we do a better job communicating with the New Generation of Alcoholics Anonymous?
146 Relaxation Al Kohallek's sponsor, Lou-is Pazeniton has tried to get Al to relax to no avail
147 Let us Pray Help --Thanks – Or how about – “Thy will be done.”
148 "The Real World" “The real world calls for punishment.” – “Don’t have what it takes, a lot better than you have failed.” – “You don’t have higher education.” This list is endless.
149 Stats Lie Where do all these percentages of alcoholics recovering come from?