030 Mission Element - Enrich

030 Mission Element – Enrich

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." (Joseph Campbell) What is the cave I fear to enter? Is it the dark night of the unknown? Is it my fear of Love? Is it my fear of lack and limitation? Is it the fear of giving all of myself, surrendering all? Is it my fear of dying to my personal "reality" unsure of the birth of my Higher Self? For me there is only One solution, One Source for these and many more questions, it is our Father within. I am willing to enter any dark cave with an abiding faith in His Grace, although I enter with fear and trembling. A.A. has taught me to be fearless as I enter the unknown caves. I am enriched by giving away what I most want. A.A. taught me; giving and receiving are one. I am enriched when I share what I have been freely given. A.A. has given me a Treasure-House of Spiritual Goods. Material things will pass away, my personal "reality" will pass away but the Spiritual enrichment expands. Our enriched way of life’s effectiveness depends on the Source it springs from. That Source is our Father within each of us doing the works. A.A. has taught me when I enter darkness to turn the Divine Light on. We are enriched each time we focus on one of our Father’s attributes and it becomes our when we share it. If we want more love share your present love and experience it grow. The Divine Food Plan we are given each day nourishes and enrich us, Thy Love, Thy Will be done. Let us do our shopping in our Father’s Storehouse.


1. What are the caves you still fear to enter?

2. Where or what is your treasure?

Random Awakening

When I look in the mirror on my bathroom wall I can see my personal “reality” mask concealing my True identity.