028 Mission Element - Empower

028 Mission Element – Empower

I did a radical forgiveness yesterday on a prehistoric major defect and I had a break through. I am so grateful for an answer to many prayers and other "solutions" and temporary fixes. I am calling this defect "misusers" of power or title. When I witness any misuse of power or bullying resentment is trigger, and up pops my negative judgment. The event may be an illusion, like a TV program or the "news" where there is some form of unfairness. I cannot remember when this reaction started, prehistoric in not a misnomer. I can trace some of my violence as the result of this defect. The key to the defect and the solution is the same. The effectiveness of any action depends on the source from which it springs. When I judged, blamed or explained another for the misuse of power I am wrong. I am empowering that person or thing by making them the source of my defect. They may be wrong but I am empowering them as if they determine my reaction. These events are warning signals that I do not trust our Father as our only True Source. My plan of action is this; when the "misusers" show up I will remind myself that I am their enabler making myself a victim and them my source. By owning the defective pattern I can surrender it to our Father, disempowering it. My prayers reaffirm that You Father are our only True Source. I ask You, Father to dismantle this major defect by transforming it into a serviceable asset. Thy Love, Thy Will be done is the Divine Food Plan nourishing all of me. I am now empowered to carry out my mission and loving every moment of it.


1. What are some of your prehistoric defects you still give your power?

2. What is your plan of action to take back the power you have given away?


Random Awakening

I have been caught up in other people’s suffering and how helpless I am to do anything about it. That must be an expression of love. I am feeling part of the human condition instead of separation.