032 Mission Element - Co-create

 032 Mission Element – Co-create

I have a habit of saying Father at each beginning to remind myself Who’s the Boss, and to center my consciousness in Him. I don’t always remember to do it or at times His Name is only a word. Many times when I failed to remember I later asked for His correction. The times I failed to center in Him I most often gave His Power away letting another determine my worth. I have been given some more useful mission tools to help be co-create my day. The radical forgiveness opened my toolbox. Seeking to forgive a prehistoric defect the primary tool for healing given me is to practice the Presence of our Father when the defect "misuser" shows up. The co-creating process begins with me, like a Prodigal Son, turning Home to our Father. I begin the healing trip by simply saying His sacred Name. The effectiveness of my co-creating depends on the Source from which it springs. I was given additional tools as part of my warning system. I named another prehistoric defect, the "tempter", one who draws me away from my mission path. I was also given a Spiritual helper I am calling the "inspirer" reminding me of the unconditional love available 24/7. I was also reminded that faith, good ideas without works is dead, so I was given the "writer" for co-creating. At each beginning I choose to say our One Source’s Sacred Name, Father and turn to my expanding toolbox. When the "misuser" tries to miss use the power or title given him, I replace him with our loving Father and He dismantles him. When the "temper" show up I am willing to delay gratification and turn to our Father and He disempowers him. When I call on our Creator, Father my "inspirer" awakens in me and I am given all I need to co-create my mission for the moment. I joyfully call on the "writer" who co-creates by rewriting and rewiring my personal "reality". Well I have written too much this morning, it is time to live it, so I say Father because this is a beginning. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. What is your understanding of co-creating?

2. What is your understanding of making up your reality?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek was grateful to his sponsor, Lou-is for telling him a story which comes to mind when the thought pops into his conscious mind that his choices doesn’t matter. The following story is a great reminder that our choices do matter.