111 A Negative Friend

A Negative Friend

I have tried to avoid negativity just about anyway I could. I went for years not watching, listening to or reading the news. I said the news made me negative. Before I finished that statement, I realized the news did not make me negative it brought out my negativity. I prayed many times over the years the healing of my negativity. I know negativity gets in the way of living my heart’s desire, which is to know and to doing our Father’s will for me. To live my heart’s desire consciously and consistently I need the build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent of my heart’s desire. Negativity like fear and anger closes me off from the "sunlight of the Spirit". I understand for me to change an old habit of thought and feeling calls for unremitting vigilance, "half-measures avails us nothing".

An answer to my prayers for healing my negativity came in the form of Spiritual messengers wearing masks. At dinner my wife and I ordered the same meal. Her order came just as she ordered, it was very good, and mine was not. The same day I experienced another negative, my computer crashed. I shared with my wife my drawing negativity and I need to stop resisting it. I needed to surrender it to the Boss for a real solution. That night I dreamed, if I turned my computer back on it would work out its problem. When I went into the computer room I found that my wife had turned the computer on and left on all-night. Yes, you guessed it, the message read something like; click for a normal start up. When I did it rebooted its self and is working fine.

I asked a question I learned to ask as part of our Program. What is the purpose for the negativity I am experiencing? The answer came to me; my prayers for a longtime were addressing how I could build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalents of my heart’s desire. I believe is our Father’s will for me. My defect of negativity is one of a long line of defects turned into a useful early warning signal. I am building a habit of responding to an experience of negativity as a signal that I am off my intended path. I can choose once again to return to my heart’s desire. I can own it as one of my beliefs I want to surrender to the Boss for correction.


What are some of your Spiritual messengers?

Have you been able to use them to build a more desirable habit?

Random Awakening

I will never have anyone who will let me love them with all the love I have. Of course I was thinking of another human.