106 Staying Teachable



1. Who or what is my greatest teacher? 2. What is most important that I need to awaken to or learn? 3. What's in it for me? 4. When should I focus my time and energy on my most important lesson? 5. Where should I go to gain this teaching? 6. Why is this most important, most important?

As I view my past, I have to admit that I have had an Invisible Means of support all my life, drunk or sober. I did not create myself nor do I maintain myself. I do have a lot to say about what I experience because my personal "reality" filters everything, everyone. In a way my personal "reality", which I made up is telling me what I am experiencing, real or illusion. I believe we are living, moving and having our being by that Invisible Means of support, which I believe is our Higher Power or Higher Self.

1. I now realize my greatest teacher is my Higher Power within me. He knows what it will take for me to live His will for me, which is my heart's desire. His Reality filters through my little personal "reality", so my Higher Power knows the adaptation I need to make. He draws to me what I need to awaken to and learn. 2. This wisdom is ever flowing in each present moment so the most important lesson is, what's going on here and now. 3. Each moment I am drawn to an answer to an important question I asked for or prayed for even if I do not remember it now. 4. Now is the only real time I have; in this moment I can choose once again. What I have attracted to me now, and I am aware of, I can decide for if I want it in my life or against if I do not. 5. First I need to re-center my consciousness in our Father within me, expecting He will tell me or show me what I need to know now. This is the Infinite Power, Intelligence that created all of life and lives it as one life, His and ours. 6. It is most important to be the individual creation we are, now. Why waste my time and energy on what has pasted or what may or may not be.

I believe my Invisible Means of Support, my Higher Power being infinite can see far beyond this moment the wholeness, He created.


Do you believe that you are most often teachable?

What is most important in your life?

Who is the most important?

Who or what in your greatest teacher?

What if you got what you want the most, what would that be?

Random Awakening

With a deep love and gratitude I accept the Divine Gift of Yourself to me, to all Father. I offer the gift of myself to You. This Divine Union is the relationship I long for.