119 Limits of Cause and effect

 119 Limits of Cause and effect

We are subject to the law of cause and effect but not bound by it. When I reached the doorsteps of A.A. I was sure the cause of my problems was other people, places and things. At some point I had a total turn around. Then I was the cause of everything I was experiencing. Once again I realized I believed and acted out a common characteristic of alcoholism, bouncing off one side to another. One of the miracles I experienced I am not bound by anyone or anything in my past. By the grace of our Father I am free to choose once again. Like others living our A.A. program my defects transformed into assets. I am grateful for the tender mercy instead of the justice I had coming.


1. Are there any areas in which you still feel bound by the cause and effect of the past?

2. Can you give an example of an area you have experienced a transformation of a defect into an asset?


Random Awakening

Where does the darkness go in the presence of light? Where does fear go in the presence of Love? Neither darkness nor fear has a place of their own.