121 Love A Healing Power

121 Love A Healing Power

My love, our love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, for my love, our love is an extension of Creator’s love. The other day I was carrying the A.A. message to someone who is unable to accept the fruit of the Program for many years. He will have a little success in one area or another but in a short time he will have the same problem again. He just left my office after our visit and I felt sad for him. He had just finished another week of the same pattern repeated. I realized I was unable to help him passed the same old useless cycle. This person reminded me of another A.A. member I worked the Program with many years ago. I tried everything I knew and everything others suggested I tried, nothing was working. One day I was on my way to see him armed with a closed mind. I ask our Father for help with all my heart mind and soul, holding nothing back. I felt different this time I had no illusions I could fix him alone and unaided. What happen next changed my way of sharing with others. When I entered his home I found him in bad shape again. He was holding a pistol to his head, saying he was going to "get it over". I found myself yelling at him to shoot himself, but instead of doing that he handed me the pistol and begin to sober up. I could not believe that I had talked to him the way I did. I asked myself, was it something I did or say that made the difference? Was it my coming down on him so hard that worked? What it turned out to be was my surrendering him to the Boss, holding nothing back. After I remembered that Twelve Step call and what happened, I offered the same level of surrender for today’s Twelve Stepping. I am expecting our Boss to take him in His arms as I let go. "There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open…" (Around the year with Emmet Fox)


1. What is an example of love being a healing power?

2. Have you withheld love from someone? Why?

3. Do you feel that you and or another have withheld love from you? Why?

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