122 Dry-Polar

122 Dry-Polar

Where would dry alcoholics be without an A.A. Program? When one of our A.A. members was new to the Program she would say, "If you don’t like the way I am here and now, wait about an hour and I will be altogether different, maybe better or maybe worse." Bipolar commonly thought of as one who went through great mood swing, being mania one time and another time in a depression. With a sobering up alcoholic that time may be anytime. During my first few months of sobering up, after I came in the Program I was bouncing off the walls. One could just look at me "wrong" and I felt like I had done something bad. On the other hand anyone could say something nice about me and I felt like a winner. I heard an A.A. speaker say his sponsor told him when he was in a "dry-drunk" that he was a "dry-polar" and it’s time to go to an A.A. meeting or see if we can be of service to someone else.


1. What do you do when you are a "dry-polar"?

2. What suggestions do you offer one who has slipped into the "dry-polar rut?

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