127 Meditate on this

127 Meditate on this

When I need a conscious contact with my Higher Power, my Higher Self and or my personal "reality" I meditate on, I ponder, I think about and feel out for the Omnipresence within me.

I realize that I did not create myself nor do I preserve myself, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally or social. I have the silent invisible means of support that created me as an individual with a purpose and supplies me with all I need to carry out His will.

I am overtaken with gratitude when I remember that our Father individually created each one of us from our least complex to our complex whole. Each atoms, cells, organs, and function are individualized. For example I could refer to these individual created parts as; Jim’s atoms, Jim’s cells, Jim’s organs and Jim’s functions.


1. Would you be willing to name each of your atoms, calls, organ and function with your name as I did in the example above?

2. How do you think and feel doing that?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek’s sponsor suggested to Al that he may switch from his alcoholism to another addition if he did not get to the conditions and causes through the Steps.